Editor’s note: when people no longer worry about the basic necessities of life, they begin to pursue a higher level of spiritual and material life. For example, now a variety of high-end beauty places, recreational activities, is an excellent channel for people to regulate the life, even when simply sleep Hotel, is now being used as the “smart couple by chunshuitang investment experience Hotel – love hotel is born for the natural instincts of man. On July 23rd news, yesterday, smart couple chunshuitang investment by experiential Hotel – Hotel poems officially opened in West Lake scenic area. It is reported that the hotel was converted from 5 Jiangnan villas, with 33 rooms with different themes.It is understood that the hotel is mainly for monthly income of more than 8000 yuan in the 25 to 40 year old crowd, take the high-end route. In addition to building unique characteristics, the hotel also has a poem (incense smell, hearing system) (sound system), visual (lighting, imaging systems and intelligent systems such as Home Furnishing).Chunshuitang founder, founder of spring poem Hotel uncle said, “love hotel to do a service in the” not just sleep “experience a couple of Rendezvous Hotel Auckland. Couples should be a product of psychological stimulation rather than a product of physical stimulation, and its core is to please women.”In addition, couples hotel in China is a market with a about 70000000000 demand gap. Based on the data of 2014, China hotel industry total annual turnover of about 310 billion yuan, of which male consumption accounted for more than 30%, which means that the men and women consumption for couples to the hotel market subdivision of the target population capacity of up to 93 billion yuan, the market size but both lovers can meet the hotel but only 19 billion 400 million yuan, the market gap up to 70 billion yuan.”Our goal is to open two stores in 2018, by the end of 2019 poems will have a 10~15 hotel.” Uncle Chun said. (original title: fun supplies electricity supplier hall in Hangzhou launched the line lovers Hotel)