Editor\’s note: Although cross-border cooperation has been on the market today is not what happens, but this ridge and the hammer technology formally announced to join the cross, was shocked a lot of people eat melon. In addition, Okamoto put aside the love with the young mobile phone brand, one of the highlights of the selection and cooperation of science and technology of great viscosity hammer fans is the mobile phone brand and brand marketing of condoms, a popular and a reputation, so the two cooperation effect is very commendable. Okamoto and hammer technology, recently officially announced to join together to create cross-border, \”Okamoto * Red Hammer joint set\”. The dark roast on the box printed with inscription by the red line sketched by Qomolangma, to express good wishes to each other in the way of exploring \”reach the peak of perfection. Signed a custom suit officially launched on August 4th in a joint Jingdong. 0\”Selling condoms also play feelings?In the increasingly scarce attention today, cross-border marketing is not uncommon, but the mobile phone brand and condom brand came together, but it is the first time. At first glance, Okamoto and hammer technology in two categories can\’t seem to find nothing in common. But Okamoto despitethose hit the young fashion crowd of mobile phone brands, choose the circle, fans very viscous hammer technology, it is precisely aimed at the group to uphold the life with the ultimate pursuit of the concept of the crowd.In an era of great consumer upgrades, users have shifted from price sensitive to \”brand identity,\” and people are more concerned about quality Does the product have to be forced? Use the same brand of people is not like? And follow the hammer technology artisan spirit \”feelings of powder\”, and the pursuit of the ultimate life philosophy of Okamoto users highly consistent. Select the hammer technology as the cross-border partners with mutual penetration and integration to help Okamoto and hammer technology cutting-edge life attitude and aesthetic style. 0\”Coupled with the hammer technology and Okamoto on the Internet is the topic of Wang, Okamoto these two words can make young people smile. Okamoto and hammer technology together, experience the ultra-thin, long life, smooth, product characteristics are not the topic of missing each other.Climb three steps, step by step to the heart of the audienceThis is the first time the hammer technology with Okamoto large cross-border marketing, so the two brands are well around this mysterious gift of ingenuity, the brand proposition for multi-level diffusion extension. \”Why so many people love to see the old conference? The key lies in the powerful appeal of the story.\” The person in charge of Okamoto explained that the Okamoto and hammer technology cross-border marketing and communication will also tell the story of a continuation to the extreme, with fans about climbing Mount Everest story, like all the hammer technology and product development the story of Okamoto. The next Xiaobian footsteps, with the replay of cross-border marketing:1) red puzzle, captured the hearts of a literary youthFrom the brand official channels released the very meaning of the \”red line conundrum\” posters, immediately attracted a large number of friends of the eye. About climbing Mount Everest history, to the fans through the puzzle in 1953, mountaineer Evans and Bourges Lang climb to a height of 8720 meters, 20 years before human beings in the 6000 meters to climb 8570 meters. That whether the climbers exceeded 8570 meters, or 0.05 mm Okamoto to break the red line, or a hammer technology has become a special presence in the domestic machine through the artisan spirit, is a kind of \”breakthrough red spirit\”, this is Okamoto\’s biggest hammer technology and resonance, is between the two groups of users resonate.Simple black and white lines, simple historical stories, but the hearts of young artists. 0\”2) DIY feel film, release the desire to participateSince the \”footprint\” series of films with hand nuts Pro conference finally, these records feel the fate of the footprint of the membrane of human development was hammer powder are berserk out of stock, even hammer powder for drawing hammer technology exclusive footprint series, handle film became the hammer powder creation board.The Okamoto on the wind and, combined with the hammer technology released DIY red handle film H5, let the fans free to draw their own back, challenge the ingenuity, climbing to the top. The final H5 detonated the upsurge of creative fans swept round the circle of friends. 0\”3) live idol effect, Zhu Xiaomu and fans together climb the peakAfter two rounds of preheating, Okamoto and hammer technology cooperation news has been brewing fermentation in the circle of fans. On the evening of August 3rd, Okamoto invited the hammer technology No. 001 employees, product manager Zhu Xiaomu live out of the box in the Jingdong, interact with the fans, the red suit jointly announced the truth, will live atmosphere to the climax, and directly into sales. 0\”Okamoto is the old game player in the cross-border marketing field, both the v-mobile and sit up, his bold cross-border \”, but also with the NetEase launched cloud music\” as the song \”hearts. But this time Okamoto has chosen a brand Lenovo, reaching the target consumer groups overlap cross-border rivals hammer technology in the minds of consumers.It seems from the path of Okamoto continue to try cross-border marketing, Okamoto is looking for the convergence of cross brand temperament, find resonance point appropriate on both sides of loyal users, with the precise way to transform fans, to mutual penetration and integration of life attitude and aesthetic way to achieve both the brand.