Abstract: Ronggui food and drug administration to remind consumers, adult supplies shop did not sell drugs qualifications. assault Adult supplies store, “medicine” are of unknown origin. Before the holiday, the Ronggui food and Drug Administration Branch of the jurisdiction of 7 adult supplies shop for surprise checks, these stores are not “drug business license” and other relevant evidence, and no purchase documents. Shop “Aphrodisiac”, “sexual health care products” and so on are legally seized. In September 25th, the district food and drug administration, Ronggui food and Drug Administration and public security departments, raided Ronggui qiguang road and 7 road capacity Adult supplies stores, mainly to check whether they are unlicensed drugs, sales of counterfeit and other illegal activities. According to the action of the relevant person in charge of the Ronggui light road and Rong Road near Hong Chun square, people flow, consumers of all ages in a continuous line, to take this opportunity to all walks of life in the vicinity of business, including Adult supplies store. The person in charge, the majority of Adult supplies shop to operate under the guise of daily necessities to deceive the public, is actually operating a variety, not labeled drug approval but claimed indications or efficacy of the “Aphrodisiac”, “health care products”. These drugs have many problems: such as packaging are mostly illegible and rough, some printed food batch, although some signs of health food “blue hat logo, but can not find the corresponding approval number or do not mark the number, but claimed that the therapeutic effect of yang. Surprise inspection, these stores do not have “drug business license” and other relevant evidence, “drug” no purchase documents, sources unknown. At present, the store “Aphrodisiac”, “sexual health care products” has been seized by the public security departments according to law. [remind] “Viagra” must be under the guidance of a doctor to use the Ronggui food and drug administration to remind consumers, Adult supplies store is not operating pharmacies, drug sales qualification, no matter what drugs are illegal, consumers buy drugs, must go to a regular pharmacy to buy, is safety guarantee. In addition, the official also stressed that sildenafil citrate, commonly known as “Viagra”, is a kind of prescription drugs, there are strict indications, must be used to prohibit the abuse under the guidance of a doctor, otherwise it will cause harm to human body.