Editor\’s note: now on the market regardless of sex products is functional and quality are more and more consumers are highly recognized, using sex toys to add a lot of fun for the choice of \”the natural instincts of man pipelining\” sex. However, while enjoying the endless pleasures of the spice products, some people wonder whether the performance of some products is incomparable to the human race, and whether the partner will abandon himself after trying this kind of happiness? That\’s what you\’re going to talk about today, how to make sex appeal your sexual assistant, not your opponent. Sex appeal is also called \”sex helper\”\”. Helper, as the name suggests, is to give us timely assistance and the icing on the cake.Timely assistanceCompensation for differences in sexual ability between partnerssuch asThe most common male impotence, premature ejaculation or can not meet the needs of women, can use vibrators assisted women to orgasm; women in the menstrual period or long time Choucha after vaginal dryness causing pain and can not meet the needs of men, can be used to assist the male orgasm aircraft cup.For example: A (male) due to the size of the Yin can not meet the wife for help, so that it is supplemented by shaking rods, so that A anxiety, said he could not meet his wife, and used a more robust shock bar, the wife will not be more disgusted?. Talking about here, A\’s problem is not simply sexual confusion, on the one hand is not interested in things, and on the other hand, and A\’s own personality. I told him that even a cold tool without vital signs was afraid of competition, but obviously there was no confidence in himself. Man is a manipulator, and he can make use of his taste to make up for his deficiency. If you think of appeal, is a comparison of who is more powerful, one side defeated the other and replaced by the thinking, it is estimated that few men undefeated. Because, from the functional design point of view, now a lot of simulation penis is 360 degrees rotation, and then cattle X\’s true penis is unattainable. So it depends on how you use it. By the way, spice products are our assistants, using the wrong ones to change their opponents on the second.As can be seen from the case, often, the sex problems that visitors show are not just sexual problems, but also deeper psychological problems. Sex therapists not only need to have sexual knowledge, but also must have a solid knowledge of psychology in order to see the essence through the phenomenon. It is very difficult to make substantial improvements only by means of interest products and some pure skills training.As another exampleLong distance lovers or long-term business partners can also enjoy the feast of sex. The past is by telephone and video Liaoqing * *, more through language stimulation and imagination meet. Now, spice products give the two sides a physical touch. A download program to mobile phone, by operating the remote control program on the other side of the vibration rod vibration frequency and intensity, make sex becomes vivid, let beyond history.Tips:Erotic function is to \”weak\” timely assistance,Instead of replacing the parties.Icing on the cakeExperience different ways of sex and promote companionshipFor years of companionship, it\’s better to introduce sex appeal than to let one partner be unfaithful because it\’s a harmless third.such asWe\’re full of sexual fantasies, and we can\’t play with each other, so we can play part play. Of course, the premise is that both sides approve of the concept. The male vote love girls, girls wear nurse or navy suit second youth lady, can let the male ticket to enjoy a feast.such asA girl\’s body structure is a natural enjoyment of sexual love. A girl with a strong desire can wear her own vibrator. The traffic jam, the meeting boring anxiety, open to a remote control, self – ecstasy, isn\’t that beautiful and wonderful. In this way, the workload of male votes can also be reduced.Tips:The function of spice products is to provide more for your partnerA way of experiencing sexual love,Instead of comparing who is stronger.To sum up, we can see that the function of spice products is to help us get more sexual pleasure. I have always believed that the spice of intelligence is more cold and mechanical than those of flesh and blood.The intelligent part of the universe, at the top of the food chain of human, we can control it, rather than its control.(original title: Yu Chun: interesting things. Do you understand?) sexy secretary full silicon real sex doll