Editor\’s note: everyone can distinguish the inflatable doll and simulation entity doll is a doll called solid silicone dolls, but in fact the market simulation doll most of the not silicone, but using TPE as raw material. I believe we can distinguish the inflatable doll and simulation entity doll is a doll called solid silicone dolls, but in fact the market simulation doll most of the not silicone, but using TPE as raw material. Here\’s a science about what is TPE, we can hope to rise up posture (small problem seems fond of teaching others again, drugs can not stop)TPE is also called thermoplastic elastomer, and the most common rubber and plastic in life are high polymer materials. TPE has the dual characteristics of rubber and plastic, and has its own advantages, is widely used in adult sex toys, in addition to the simulation of human doll, and aircraft cup, simulation body mold, vibrator massage stick, simulation of DD raw materials such as many are using TPE.Some people may ask, why do we call silicone dolls, mostly do not use silica gel as raw material? That\’s because silicone actually feels tough, and the cost of silicone is several times higher than TPE\’s.. So when the price has just launched dolls simulation to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, because it is made from silicone, and now the real doll prices dropped significantly, see the lowest price of the entity doll need only about 2000 yuan in Hongkong Asia Adult Expo just the end of the small.Of course, silica gel relative TPE does have some advantages, such as durability, plasticity in the product details, so some manufacturers still insist on using silicone dolls as raw materials, such as the Dalian Tiais Exdoll all use silica gel, their beautiful dolls are renowned at home and abroad, prices are not cheap.In recent years, both China and even the world\’s TPE production has been rising, while China has become a big producer and consumer, consuming millions of tons per year.The following are TPE\’s chemical presentations (boring, not interesting, suggested, omitted):TPE was born about 35 years ago, and it is quite attractive as an alternative to rubber elastomers. TPE can be processed by thermoplastic processing machinery. Compared with vulcanized rubber, it is a kind of polymer material with simple processing and energy saving.Rubber and plastics industry, rubber and plastic and plastics have an extremely important position. As the third polymeric material (thermoplastic elastomer TPE), with extremely rapidly and gradually get both, gradually become the industry\’s most watched rubber elastomer material.TPE elastomer is also called synthetic rubber or synthetic rubber. TPE elastomer not only has the advantages of high elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance of traditional crosslinked vulcanized rubber, but also has the characteristics of convenient processing and wide processing mode of ordinary plastics. It can be produced by injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other processing methods. At present, thermal elastomer TPE material has become the latest material to replace traditional rubber. Its environmental protection, non-toxic, comfortable feel, exquisite appearance, make the product more creative. Therefore, it is also a new synthetic material with more humanity and high taste. It is also a world standard environmental protection material.TPE does not need to be cured by heat, and the product can be finished by using the general plastic processing equipment. It can shorten the production process of rubber industry by 1/4, save energy consumption about 25%-40%, and improve efficiency by nearly 10 times and -20 times. In addition, due to the ease of recycling, the self supply of powerful performance, several major features of formula simplification and let it become the hot favourite rubber industry, in addition to raw materials as adult supplies, is also widely used in automotive, electronic and electrical, construction, medical and other fields.The heady TPE, compared with rubber and plastics, indeed there are many obvious advantages, but its performance and durability whether stand the grinding time, whether the environmental protection in the processing and use of the process, whether there is pollution and so on, is the international and domestic sectors must face and technical problems to be further improved.The main features of TPE are: 1, environmental protection, non-toxic, no pollution (non-toxic certification); 2, without vulcanization, simple manufacturing process; 3, good low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance; 4, soft touch, temperature and surface quality; 5, a wide range of hardness: 0A-100A; 6 the raw material, scrap, recycling, environmental protection.TPE supplier: Shenzhen jiushuo Alwayseal Technology LtdHigh simulation entity Doll: gold three dolls 2015 Long Wavy Blonde U Part Wig Synthetic Hair Wigs For Women Natural Hairline