Shaoxing exhibition is a fun supplies pilfering left

Editor’s note: now, not in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen held Adult supplies exhibition is It is quite common for things, but if that adult show in some small and medium-sized city, it is bound to set off a great disturbance. Indeed, small and medium-sized city economic development or whether people thought open degree is […]

Video: professional beauty therapy doctor real healing process

Abstract: there are a large number of middle-aged people in China are plagued by the problem of sex, but because of the traditional moral shame in the treatment. People from talking about sex “to” open face “, there is still a long way to go, we also hope that the relevant departments to promptly formulate […]

Li Yinhe sent Bowen: anti pornography aunt, I despise you

Abstract:… The most amazing is that they should think of themselves as “positive energy”, they represent the most benighted negative energy conservative, negative energy confrontation with the freedom of speech and other core socialist values. … wake up, already in twenty-first Century, instead of the Qing Dynasty. Guangzhou is held once a year’s festival, which […]

How to improve the operating profit after opening a store

Editor’s note: a lot of people in the adult goods industry to understand the huge profits and ultra-low threshold, they have to inject capital into the industry to open their own adult supplies store. However, as the saying goes: easy to start setting difficult. In the early stages of preparation, you will feel that everything […]

Only participate in their own adult exhibition, no longer spend money

Abstract: to participate in the exhibition from the beginning to the end at least one or two weeks time, booth fees, booth fees, staff travel together so many, and labor. Some show good effect, zaikuzailei worth, and some show the effect is far from the expected value, really makes people want to Tucao… In order […]

Nox opens NOX era “havoc” Tianzhu debut

Editor’s note: in 2017, Nox will open a new era of NOX, such as the movie “havoc” original Tianzhu is a microcosm of the Nox “NOX” strategy. Nox will be more than implantation, dissemination and promotion, but in both sexes industrial ecology in the real implementation, symbiosis, sharing, win-win. Nox is looking for symbiosis with […]