VENUS grand opening ceremony for adult Berlin Germany 2014

Abstract: AIDS prevention and control in China is facing a difficult problem, experts: promotion of condom use is very important… 0″In October 20th, the 2014 Annual Academic Conference on AIDS prevention was launched in Beijing by the China Association for STD and AIDS prevention. China Center for Disease Control and prevention of STD and AIDS […]

Beauty nurses, subway flash propaganda, AIDS prevention gift condoms

Editor’s note: condoms are now the most essential family daily necessities, the rational use of condoms can not only prevent accidental pregnancy, but also aids and other infectious diseases isolated from the door. But do you really know the proper use of condoms? It almost every time to hear this news: obviously the use of […]

Sydney, a monument wearing 18 meters giant condoms

Abstract: in November 7th, the Sydney Hyde Park Obelisk on the quilt on a 18 meter high bright pink condoms, in order to improve the safety awareness of gay men, hope can be in 2020, curb the spread of the AIDS virus. AIDS prevention in Sydney pretty fight, a monument was wearing 18 meters “condom” […]

Awareness of AIDS on the car is a good thing to send condoms

Abstract: as the saying goes, “the onlooker” and “tailored” Dalang not wearing Lu Zhishen’s clothes. <img src= "" border= "0" at noon yesterday at about 1 am, Miss Song in Fuzhou D6225 EMU, travel to Xiamen. Just get on the bus, she found two boxes of condoms on the table, unmarried she suddenly blushed to […]