Abstract: the 122nd China Import and Export Fair (referred to as \”Canton Fair\”) will be held in Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center from October 31, 2017 to November 4th in third. Among them, 001 independent research and development of ultra-thin condoms Nakagawa appearance fair pharmaceutical and healthcare goods exhibition. As the domestic waterborne polyurethane condom thickness up to 0.01 mm, 122nd China Nakagawa… Import and Export Commodities Fair (the fair) third will be held in Guangzhou Exhibition Center from October 31, 2017 to November 4th. Among them, Chinese\’s first self-developed ultra-thin condoms Nakagawa 001 appearance fair of pharmaceutical and healthcare products exhibition. As the domestic waterborne polyurethane condom thickness up to 0.01 mm, 001 he once appeared, then progress by the media and customers stopped to visit.Domestic exhibitors of ultra-thin condoms Nakagawa 001Thinness has been a constant pursuit of condom consumers. The traditional natural latex condoms thickness is 0.04 mm to 0.09 mm, the physiological experience as \”attempt an ineffective solution\”. And polyurethane condoms can break through the limits of natural latex condoms, and the thinness reaches 0.01 millimeters.In 001 Nakagawa before the advent of the world two Japanese condom manufacturers have polyurethane condom production technology. In Lanzhou, the Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as the \”Department of Health Day Health Day\”) technology leaders, Chinese waterborne polyurethane industry, polyurethane condoms father led by Professor Wu Sheng, after 30 years of accumulation of theoretical and application practice of the 20 years of industrialization, the successful development of the first 0.01 mm China waterborne polyurethane condoms, breaking the foreign polyurethane condoms monopoly. In May 20, 2017, Department of Health issued 001 days Nakagawa brand in Shanghai, and the signing of the Houston rockets as its official products, won the NBA condom.Nakagawa 001 \”no set of security to the user experienceNakagawa 001 products will not only do the thickness of 0.01 mm, but also reached the international level in performance, \”slim\” for the user to experience pleasure possible shock. The thickness of the traditional latex condoms nearly 1/5, the thickness of the soap bubble, and waterborne polyurethane ultra-thin material excellent thermal conductivity material, soft and delicate skin, strong sense, can make sexual partner more intimate enhance pleasure, bring users almost no set like \”experience.   Nakagawa brand products appearance FairIn the 122nd session of the Canton Fair, the appearance of the Nakagawa brand products camp strong, Department of health days exhibited Nakagawa brand products. Different products, various specifications, omni-directional product matrix, can meet the needs of different consumers. Among them, 001 series were exhibited Nakagawa 6 pack, 2 Pack dish products, gift boxes and boxes of two wind Chinese rocket customized gift box products, as well as 001 Nakagawa bottled products. In addition, the 002 series of products and Nakagawa Nakagawa 003 series products have appeared together on the Canton Fair, let the media and the development of eye-opening merchants.Made on behalf of China unveiled Canton FairTechnically, health is the world\’s simultaneous mastery of waterborne polyurethane ester production and waterborne polyurethane condom manufacturing technology companies. China\’s independent R