Editor’s note: Nowadays, with the concept of open society, to know the normal people, both men and women are unable to express their women when the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, sexual desire through sexual life, also have the right to settle by masturbation. Male masturbation, we are very familiar with the. But for women masturbation, there are still some questions and misunderstandings, here to sort out the most common problems, and we explore it. Xiaobian remind Meimei, in masturbation must also Caution! Oh, do not put what ah Fengyoujing smear on the genitals, that too much! Safety is the best to stimulate the love of love! Today, small make up and everyone to talk about masturbation problem! 1, female masturbation is not less than men do? At least statistically. 20-24 year old male in 82% in the past year have had masturbation behavior, and the same age of girls, only 64% of women in the past year have had masturbation behavior. 2, is not a young woman will masturbation it? No, women over the age of 50, there are still 1/3 female masturbation. So, regardless of age, people are always afraid of loneliness. 3, it is not only the lonely 3S lady masturbate? That’s not a. (whisper, maybe they don’t think her husband is too soft or too bad too often can’t find the key point). Src= http://img.chinasexq.com/report3/uploadfile/201608/20160831142352929.jpg “ 4, it is said that female masturbation is conducive to health? It should be said that masturbation is a woman’s physical and psychological benefits of the activities, because women often will be at the climax of masturbation. The high tide can increase the acidity of the cervical mucus, help maintain normal vaginal flora, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, the climax can make dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin levels increased, these hormones will make women feel comfortable, and relieve the pressure, therefore, the masturbation stress and anxiety caused by insomnia is also slightly help. 5, often masturbation affect the usual sexual intercourse? There is no such thing, to a certain extent. Masturbation brings you pleasure will only make you more desire for sex. 6, then masturbation will have any role in promoting the role of it? The answer is yes, often masturbation of women, to be more attentive to the stimulation, and immersed in the pleasure of sexual pleasure, the usual masturbation can enhance the ability of this. 7, female masturbation is to obtain a climax to help? That’s right. It’s like this. There is indeed a considerable number of women in the simple sexual intercourse is difficult to obtain a climax. However, when they are masturbation, more likely to find their own body sensitive point, but also know what kind of stimulation to allow themselves to enter the state faster and better. Of course, there are some limitations of masturbation, it is often the general female stimulation of the clitoris, in order to achieve vaginal orgasm, also need to practice the finger deep vaginal G-spot stimulation. 8, adolescent girls masturbation will significantly improve the body? Purely rumor! Want to know as long as the health of girls, whether self masturbation, adolescence will slowly become lordosis after Alice, this Never mind and masturbation. 9, the frequency of masturbation is how long? This is how you understand. In fact, is to see the mood. However, in view of the female genitals is very delicate, masturbation must pay attention to ensure that the hand and the genitals clean. But, best not to leave the nail, because on the one hand, because the nail on the other hand, easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, easy to scratch the delicate genitals. Many women like cucumber and eggplant. Use the time to remember to wear TT. Otherwise, a lot of harm to the vagina.