Editor’s note: what are the features of the new retail model? Simple point of view, that is, “unmanned”, “unmanned aircraft”, “online and offline” combination”. Today, all walks of life are looking for change to find a niche to fit into the new retail model. Among them, the adult goods industry undoubtedly has the most unique advantages. The domestic consumer attitudes toward sex toys have been “sneaking” — it is very curious, but always feel eager to buy sex toys is a particularly embarrassing thing, so the new model coming, is undoubtedly opened up the path of development for Adult supplies industry. At the beginning of July, relying on doing business platform started Ma, in Hangzhou no one supermarket officially opened, attracted widespread attention from all walks of life.After, ha ha ha chairman Zong Qinghou teamed up Ma announced: “in the future to open 10 million unmanned supermarkets.”. And Jingdong Mister Liu Qiangdong also said: “in the future, Jingdong also set up a large number of unmanned supermarkets.”.Industry heavyweights who stand, seems to pass such a signal: no new retail model era has arrived. Seize the opportunity, without delay.What are the features of the new retail model? Simple point of view, that is, “unmanned”, “unmanned aircraft”, “online and offline” combination”.Today, all walks of life are looking for change to find a niche to fit into the new retail model. Among them, the adult goods industry undoubtedly has the most unique advantages.Because of the vague concept of sexual consumption, we all pay attention to the confidentiality of sexual goods consumption, while eager to enhance the sense of consumption experience. Today, the arrival of the new retail model is just tailor-made for the adult goods industry.So far, only a small number of adult products companies in the country are aware of the importance of the new retail model for adult products.Among them, the most forward-looking, do the best thing is the net fruit picking adult supplies. The introduction of the “smart smart vending machine” is the most successful combination of the new retail model and the adult products industry.Pick up adult intelligent vending machine1, to break the product quantity restrictions, a variety of consumer choice, comprehensive coverage!Each machine is bound online mall, so that the machine can accommodate the number of goods sold without machine space restrictions, which broke the limitations of the traditional machine to accommodate a limited number of products, but also online, offline combination.At the same time, there are three kinds of consumer choice: 1, you can buy on-site machines; 2, you can order machines under the line to pick up; 3, you can order online delivery home. Convenient for customers to buy more flexible and independent, very user-friendly!2, combine three level distribution and hierarchical proxy systemTraditional Tmall based business platform distribution system is through businesses – Taobao passengers – traffic main – end users as a straight line, are only a consumer, but also become a member of the business, limited to the line.Pick up intelligent self-service vending machine has three levels of distribution system, so that users in the smart vending machine, as long as the purchase or registration, sweeping yards, etc., can establish user relations, that is, online and offline customers combine.When you build a user relationship, you share it, and other users generate a consumer transaction through your sharing. You can enjoy sharing and enjoy a permanent share.And to ensure that you can share customers, you share your customers and share them. Collection of smart vending machines on top of the ad screen, there will be regular red envelopes activities, preferential display activities.In this way, you can build a strong network of relationships, and your share customers can also suggest a strong network of relationships to ensure a steady flow of tourists.3, not just selling, but also advertising and game machine roleThe machine has a 14 inch large screen tablet computer that allows for video advertising and picture advertising, which is used to play advertising for adult products and to promote circulation.At the same time, it also has touch interactive function to support online interactive games. This allows users to participate in the viewing or operation of the smart vending machine, increasing the user’s connection with the machine.So as to enhance the customer’s sense of consumption experience, but also to customers one-time temporary consumption changed to multiple consumption. Use online entertainment and social networking to increase customer stickiness.4, convenient background service systemThe machine has an intelligent reminder service function, including network failure, shipment failure, inventory shortage, insufficient change, damage to the machine and so on. Once the monitoring is abnormal, the system will notify the owner at the first time.At the same time, mobile phone WeChat background management system, anytime, anywhere control operation report data, remote management machine sales. Transparent and complete data reporting system, monitoring commodity sales status anytime, anywhere, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and other statistics, and data analysis.Still can adjust sale goods flexibly, make goods quickly, replenish goods, and adjust sale price. Cloud commodity order sales management system, a comprehensive data query, statistics, accounting and other complete, accurate control.In addition, the backstage management module machine also has visual, convenient and easy to use operating experience, business intelligence database analysis system, comprehensive statistics, accounting, self support of WeChat Alipay mobile payment, mobile phone with background information service and other functions.Under the new retail model, Adult supplies with “drone”, “line”, after the day must be popular.Original title: new retail mode era: pick up color adult supplies, intelligent UAVs, round your fun, wealth, dream!) Japanese Sexy silicone dolls