Editor\’s note: two suspects in Qingdao have blocked their faces and looted adult vending machines, trying to avoid catching them. But now surveillance is everywhere in the city, and eventually the suspects are arrested and will be severely punished by law. November 1st morning, Qingdao public Cui to North Ruichang Road police station public security police said his theft in the self-help Adult supplies shop in Ruichang Road business, the loss of goods and cash totaling more than 2000 yuan, then the police arrived on the scene.Mr. Cui runs a self-service adult goods store, where customers can buy goods after they buy coins, so the store is open 24 hours and unattended. There are only two monitoring probes in the corner. According to Mr. Cui said, in the morning, he through mobile phone software to see the store situation, found Ruichang road vending machine store has obvious mark, shelf basically emptied, to the scene after confirmation of theft, quickly alarm. By looking at the monitor, the police found in the early hours of the day, there are two young men have entered the store, including a lookout at the door, a man with a crowbar to the vending machine open, stolen cash, and the shelf doors open, there will be Adult supplies all the stolen.Because two suspects blocked the face, the police through video surveillance can only determine the height of two people, body shape and other characteristics. Combined with road monitoring, police found two people after committing a crime, walking back to the people\’s road, a district hiding. In November 2nd, when the police conducted a visit to the community, there were residents to the community police, two men in the main pass to the past residents selling adult supplies, there are many children because of curiosity in the crowd, the impact is very bad. At this news, immediately rushed to the police, found selling Adult supplies the two young men dressed with physical characteristics and monitoring of the thief is completely consistent, then immediately approached inventory control for two people.After tushen, two people soon confessed to the theft gang self-service store property crimes. All two young men were surnamed Han, and they were fellow villagers in Jiangsu. According to the two men, to green jobs is blocked, two people on all kinds of self checkout machines throughout the castle and grasping dolls, after verification, two people only one month, he fled the ATM theft district property crime more than a decade, the cumulative value of nearly million yuan. The theft of cash from two were squandered, and all kinds of goods are basically two people to put stall in the form of low-cost sale.At present, two people have been under criminal detention.