Editor’s note: scientists believe that by 2050, sex between humans and robots will go beyond human sexuality. Because sex robots are always at your service and will never refuse, it’s tempting and addictive. And scientists say they can autonomously set the character of a robot, thus avoiding the embarrassment of previous users who think robots are too rigid. Therefore, men can completely set up their own girlfriend’s personality according to their own imagination, how about? It’s exciting to think about it! Not only because of love itself, but also to express this thing, the festival provides a good expression of exports. Weekdays like the dormant lovers, a tacit understanding of the streets and lanes, hand in hand, embrace, at any time may be in front of warning. Human love fantasy never stops. If Valentine’s day you still have time to brush your cell phone, then come on, who says there is no interesting love you want in science and technology? 65cm Mixed Color Long Wavy Anime My Little Pony Princess Celestia Cosplay Harajuku