Abstract: (Hongkong) Asia Adult exhibition kicked off, the world’s top brands gathered at convention and Exhibition center. 0″In August 28, 2014, the Asia Adult Expo in Hongkong opened at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where nearly 100 top brand manufacturers and thousands of buyers from all over the world participated. 0″Asia Adult supplies annual sales of $two billion, while Hongkong as connecting Asia and international hub, effectively solves the problem of poor, information lag and other issues industry channel, so the previous exhibitions will attract international businesses attention, and whether the landing in Hongkong exhibition arena has become an important symbol to measure whether a brand internationalization.The show, from Australia (EDGE) frantic edge manufacturers Keith to join Mr. Ms. Yang Na Chinese District operators attended a cocktail party and exhibitors, frantic edge product series China business development and exchanged views, Mr. Keith of interest and Chinese sister endorsement frantic edge market potential to give a high evaluation and recognition frankly, there will be a full range of support China agents, and according to the market demand Chinese will continue to launch new products, always maintain the leading position in the world Chinese frantic edge. 0″ 0″Manager of frenzied marginal investment department, Wei Wei: 18565809013