Editor\’s note: many enterprises / individual operators have experienced or are facing such a problem – obviously product is very good, service quality is also very high, but the performance is how can not raise. Some people have made various attempts and finally opened a new way, but more of the situation is the road to entrepreneurship as far as here. Liu Qingsheng, a spice designer today, has also been experiencing poor sales. So how did he get out of the mess and make amazing achievements? \”Peach and life let our company agent taste products, three months performance turned a lot, it is a miracle for us!\” Adult supplies for many years engaged in foreign trade in Jiangsu businessman Liu Qingsheng, mentioned a peach of a life of luxury business story of caged chatterbox.Liu Qingsheng and peach and life of cooperation from the beginning of the end of 2016. At that time, peach and life APP just on the line soon, Liu Qingsheng also started to get involved in the electricity supplier, in the traditional electronic business platform, there are a lot of fun supplies because of restrictions, products do not have vertical category specific fine points, at the beginning of Liu Qingsheng is helpless.In the introduction of friends, in December 2016, Liu Qingsheng began to cooperate with peach luxury life, although the time is short, this platform has brought too much surprise to her. The platform \”timed seckill\” and \”heart 12 hours\”, let him 5 days sold 10 thousand pieces of inventory. When it comes to peach luxury life, Liu Qingsheng has been so excited that he has never realized that a vertical business platform can bring him such an amazing achievement.Since the initial cooperation effect is good, in July 2017, peach luxury life officially revised to B2B2C mode. Liu Qingsheng with his agent brand, all settled, opened the era of brand self. Not only the brand has been subdivided, but also for the product type, function, \”nationality\” have been better demonstrated. User Advisory volume surge. Liu Qingsheng said: \”no way, can only increase the manpower, 24 hours online service to help users answer questions. The warehouse is packed as well as the war.\” This overload has been going on so far.It is understood that peach luxury living in August of this year, online monthly sales reached 30 million yuan. From supply chain, customer service to logistics after-sales. Peach luxury life has created a unique culture of the Dragon industry. At the same time, combined with the output of community content, let users better understand the meaning of fun in life.Soon, the cooperation between Liu Qingsheng and peach luxury life will soon be 1 years. This year, he lost his confidence in the taste industry and found his way again. Looking at these years, the industry gradually developed. Liu Qingsheng believes that as long as the product cost-effective, quality of service to keep up, pre-sales and after-sales good, will be better in the peach luxury life. In August, the total turnover of Liu Qingsheng\’s shop in peach luxury was as high as 2 million yuan, and he set himself an annual small goal: to sell 30 million in peach luxury life in 2018! I hope he can reach his goal soon.(original title: Peach extravagant life, sold 30 million spice products a month, what on earth did you do?) Rose Lover Real Pussy Male Masturbator Strong Sucker Realistic Artificial Vagina